What Are Therapeutic Homes

What Are Therapeutic Homes

therapeutic houseSo what exactly are therapeutic homes?

Well, they are houses that have been adapted to enable people recovering from illness or addiction to live in rather than be stuck in a hospital or clinic. They are also used for foster care thereby enabling children that have behavioural problems to be outhoused with a family rather than in a children’s home.

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Therapeutic Parenting is the most important part of the Recovery process and usually takes place in houses that are wherever possible,¬† based on family homes. Each home supports between three and five children, and they ensure that each child has their own bedroom. The houses are designed to ensure that each child feels comfortable and safe in their environment and great care is taken to make sure that the children feel like its a home and not an institution. High levels of love and care are given to the kids in an attempt to replicate ‘normal’¬†family life. This is the first level of recovery, the containment of the child in a comfortable environment; safe from harm with a space that they can call their own.

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